Pre-bidding is open to all bidders who have active accounts having completed the registration process, who are unable to bid live online or attend the auction. Additionally, pre bidding allows more flexibility whereby bidders can place pre-bids on some items and logon to the live auction for more active bidding on an item(s).

A pre-bid is the maximum bid placed on an item(s) at any time prior to the lot being offered for live bidding. Your pre-bid will be represented through our software automated technology during the live auction. Your pre-bid could be the winning bid if no other bidder submits a higher bid during either the pre-bid phase or the live auction. Please be advised, when there's a tie between pre-bid and live bid amounts, the live bidder prevails as the highest bidder on the item.

Bidding online
  1. Login to your account. Not registered? First you must register for an account with MUA, this only take 5 minutes to do.
  2. Pre-Bidding will continue up to when the Lot is open for 'Live Bidding'.
  3. Simply select the lot you wish to place a pre-bid on.
  4. On the lot details page insert your maximum bid above the main picture of the item.
  5. You will now receive an email to confirm your bid.
  6. Alternatively, during a live auction you can place a pre-bid via the bidding application; Click the lot from the scrolling catalogue on the live bidding platform and place your pre-bid.
  7. Should you need further assistance, please avail of our free 'live chat' via the homepage